A ceramic coating is a practical solution to protect your car. Ceramic coating shields your cars from a range of issues, including inclement weather. Additionally, car ceramic coating saves you from the inconveniences of replacement and maintenance.

ProVinyl Solutions gives your automobiles the same amount of attention. Our skilled team offers a wide range of automotive services to suit any demand. We make sure that every vehicle in Gilbert has the greatest ceramic coating possible using Nanotech Surface Protection Technology.

Widest Variation for Your Needs

ProVinyl Solutions offers eight different types of ceramic coat. All versions have ceramic nano-coating to provide excellent vehicle protection.

These versions also come in different sizes. Depending on the product’s stock, you have a choice of 20ml, 65ml, 275ml, 950ml, 4ml, or 20ml.

Furthermore, we ensure your accessibility through our online catalog. This discusses the appropriate use as well as other approaches to create superior automotive ceramic coating. You can manually apply it with a cotton swab, a spray, a coating block, or a sprayer.

We offer an additional warranty.

ProVinyl Solutions offers an extended guarantee on the ceramic coating materials we offer for sale. You can take advantage of our lifetime and six-year guarantees when you buy specific products.

Installing this simultaneously should be done by the Accredited Installation Center. provided that each requirement for the yearly inspection is met. Actually, every System X variant passed the SGS laboratory’s quality test. These variants are subjected to tests for hardness, salt tolerance, and alkali resistance.

You may take advantage of a six-year warranty by purchasing our System X Pro ceramic nano-coating. It even has a longer life span depending on the surroundings.

Our System X Diamond ceramic nano-coating, on the other hand, will safeguard the lifetime warranty. This type keeps your car’s elegant appearance while requiring minimal maintenance. Thanks to System X Diamond, your car will keep running like new.

Guaranteed Enduring Durability

The best car ceramic coating has ever been offered by ProVinyl Solutions in Gilbert. We carefully consider each and every aspect to ensure complete client satisfaction. The quality of our automotive ceramic coating materials has been validated by SGS laboratory testing.

Here are the elements we consider when developing premium goods for automobile ceramic coating:

Heat Resistance

Our System X vehicles’ ceramic covering provides UV protection. In a similar manner, these are able to withstand temperatures between 538°Celsius (1000°F) and 760°Celsius (1400°F).

We can assuage your worries regarding the weather’s decline and unpredictability. Because of this, cars can breathe in a range of temperatures. Any vehicle’s exterior parts will be less likely to sustain damage as a result.

Chemical Resistance

Around automobiles, higher levels of corrosion are typically found. These are primarily brought on by excessive UV radiation exposure, exhaust, salt, alkali, algae, and shell contaminants.

Attend to these problems to keep your car running smoothly and looking excellent.

Our System X cars have ceramic coatings that protect your components from environmental chemical reactions. Thanks to our Nanotech Surface Protection Technology, System X solutions protect your cars against fading, corrosion, and other problems.

Water Resistance 

Similar to our System X automotive ceramic coating, it possesses hydrophobic qualities. Apart from their glossy sheen, System X products are hard to remove.

At ProVinyl Solutions, we safeguard our clients from issues. Expect our System X car ceramic coating to be free of wax or sealant texture.

Proven Effectiveness

Our System X automobile ceramic coating product line can sustain even the most delicate surfaces.

Utilizing these products after application indoors ensures that your carpet, leathers, and fabrics maintain their quality. enhances rain’s visibility in the same way. It also makes de-icing easier during the winter.

Our products come with a guarantee that they won’t scratch or chip. Additionally, they shield your eyes from damage by reducing glare on your car’s window. Our ceramic coating products conceal minor swirls in addition to giving surfaces a shiny appearance.

Our business enhances the shelf life of products.

Our automobile ceramic coating types have a shelf life that is longer than is feasible.

The System X car ceramic coating product line has a shelf life of six months to a year when properly stored at a dry area between 18°Celsius (64°F) and 23°Celsius (73°F).

This is great if you want to buy more stocks for yourself or your company.

Makes Cleaning Easier

The System X products from ProVinyl Solutions will take care of all your cleaning problems. Our cars’ ceramic coatings are designed to require less upkeep.

After your car has dried completely, the hydrophobic and other durable features begin to function. Spills and stains won’t harm the exterior parts of your car.

An Odorless, Secure Ceramic Coating

We produce ceramic coating products that are safe for you as fans of Gilbert car ceramic coating.

There is no scent to the System X ceramic coating products. You do not need to tolerate the unappealing smell of traditional automotive ceramic coating.

Our System X materials dry rapidly, making the process less time-consuming. The drying process is halted for anywhere between 60 and 40 minutes. between three and twenty-four hours for cure. The drying process takes three days for large vehicles like ships and airplanes.

After the curing and drying procedure is over, you will be able to use well-protected autos whenever it is convenient.

Why Choose System X®

Like no other product, System X® provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance.

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System X Ceramic Coating
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