What is a vinyl vehicle wrap?

Vehicle wrapping is a vinyl covering applied to a vehicle in order to change the look of it. Whether you’re looking to advertise or achieve a more custom look vinyl wrapping may be an effective choice for the client.

How effective is a commercial/printed wrap?

Studies have shown that in well populated cities your vehicle can achieve 30,000 to 70,000 views daily parked or on the road. It is the most cost-effective method of advertising and most valuable next to word of mouth.

What is a vinyl restyle or color change?

A vinyl color change is providing your vehicle with a new outfit. It’s a more affordable way of changing the color of your vehicle without changing the paint. Maybe you want a custom look with some vinyl striping or a chrome delete. There are many options to choose from with vinyl.

Can ProVinyl Solutions help me achieve the look I am looking for?

We absolutely can. We have the most talented installers and designers, that can answer all of your questions regarding your vinyl project. They come up with options and a design to achieve the look you are envisioning.

What is the difference between painting and vinyl wrapping? Will vinyl hurt my paint?

Vinyl wrap film is not meant to be permanent. It is a cost effective and easy way to customize the look of your vehicle. Vinyl applied to sound paint will not damage the paint. As long as you follow the instructions given on how to take care of your wrap and have it removed professionally when the time permits, your paint will completely be unaffected. Vinyl actually protects your paint job and helps the resale value of the vehicle.

Can I take my wrapped vehicle through a car wash? How do I care for my wrap?

Yes you can take it through a car wash but we strongly suggest brushless carwashes. Hand washing is always best. When your vehicle wrap is completed one of wrap specialists will go over the best options for after care and offer our finishing spray for up keep.

If in the future I need to make a change or my wrap gets damaged, can you fix or adjust the wrap?

We keep all designs on hand so we can easily problem solve the desired change. We can easily solve the problem and repair or replace the area needing the attention.

Do you warranty your work?

ProVinyl Solutions offers a 1 year install warranty, and 3M and Avery warranties their vinyl for 2 years.

How much does a vinyl wrap cost?

We price our wraps depending on the vinyl chosen and the difficulty of the job. There are a lot of factors that weigh on the pricing. Jobs range from a 100$ to 1000$s. All jobs are unique and we offer free estimates on all of your projects and trained professionals to answer all of your questions. At ProVinyl Solutions we pride ourselves on our fair pricing with priceless quality work. A cheap wrap will be very expensive in the long run. ProVinyl Solutions is the best choice for the job done right.

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