A ceramic coating will efficiently safeguard your car. Ceramic coating shields your cars from environmental hazards and weather-related damage. Additionally, the ceramic coating on cars reduces the need for maintenance and repairs.

Your autos are handled with the same level of care by ProVinyl Solutions. Our knowledgeable crew offers a variety of auto services to fit every demand. We promise to apply the best ceramic coating possible to every vehicle in Queen Creek using Nanotech Surface Protection Technology.

The Most Diverse Selection For Your Needs

ProVinyl Solutions offers eight distinct ceramic coat choices. All variations come included with ceramic nano-coating for the greatest possible vehicle protection.

These alterations’ magnitudes are likewise unpredictable. Depending on the product’s availability, you can choose from 4ml, 20ml, 65ml, 275ml, 950ml, or any other amount of milliliters.

You can explore our online catalog as well. This article explores the ideal method for applying ceramic coating to automobiles as well as some other options. Use a cotton applicator, a spray, a coating block, or a sprayer to apply it manually.

We Can Provide Additional Warranty

Products for ceramic coating are sold by ProVinyl Solutions and come with an extended warranty. You are eligible for our lifetime and six-year guarantees when you purchase selected products.

Concurrent installation of this should be performed by the Accredited Installation Center, supposing that all inspection criteria for the year have been met. Actually, every version of System X passed the SGS laboratory’s quality test. On these variations, tests are done for hardness, salt tolerance, and alkali resistance.

When you purchase our System X Pro ceramic nano-coating, you get a six-year warranty. It even has a longer lifespan in an optimum setting.

On the other hand, the lifetime warranty will be safeguarded by our System X Diamond ceramic nano-coating. This type requires less maintenance while maintaining the elegant appearance of your car. System X Diamond will ensure that your car keeps running like new.

Assurance of Long-Lasting Durability

The greatest automotive ceramic coating has always been provided by ProVinyl Solutions of Queen Creek, AZ. We carefully consider every factor in order to completely satisfy our consumers. Our car ceramic coating’s ingredients passed the SGS quality testing.

As we create premium automobile ceramic coating solutions, the following considerations are made:

Heat Resistance

Our System X vehicles’ ceramic covering provides UV protection. These may function similarly in temperatures between 538°Celsius (1000°F) and 760°Celsius (1400°F).

You don’t need to worry about the weather changing and being unpredictable. Automobiles may therefore breathe at a range of temperatures. You’ll be preventing harm to any vehicle’s exterior by doing this.

Chemical Resistance

Nearby to autos, corrosion levels are typically higher. The main causes of these include excessive UV radiation exposure, exhaust, salt, alkali, algae, and shell contaminants.

Take care of these problems to keep your automobile running smoothly and looking excellent.

Our System X vehicles’ ceramic covering protects your components from chemical reactions caused by the environment. Using our Nanotech Surface Protection Technology, System X solutions safeguard your cars from fading, corrosion, and other problems.

Water Resistance 

It has hydrophobic properties, just as the ceramic coating on our System X vehicle. System X products are not only shiny, but also difficult to remove.

ProVinyl Solutions shields its customers from issues. Be aware that our System X car ceramic coating lacks a wax or sealant texture..

Proven Effectiveness

Our System X automotive ceramic coating product line can help you protect even the most delicate surfaces.

When you use these treatments indoors, your carpet, leathers, and fabrics maintain their quality. increases rain’s visibility in a same way. It also makes de-icing in the wintertime simpler.

We offer a warranty against chipping and scratching on all of our products. They shield your eyes from glare by reducing it on the car window. Our ceramic coating materials not only conceal minor swirls, but they also make them look lustrous.

We increase the shelf life of products

In our versions of automotive ceramic coating, we regularly go beyond and beyond the reasonable boundaries of product shelf life.

The System X vehicle ceramic coating product range has a shelf life of six months to a year if properly stored in a dry environment between 18°Celsius (64°F) and 23°Celsius (73°F).

This is great if you wish to purchase additional stocks for your own use or for company purposes.

Makes Cleaning Easier

The ProVinyl Solutions System X products are the solution to all of your cleaning problems. Our cars have ceramic coatings because they require less maintenance.

Once your car is entirely dry, the hydrophobic and other long-lasting qualities start to function. Don’t worry; spills and stains won’t ruin the exterior of your car.

An Odorless, Secure Ceramic Coating

For those of you who value Queen Creek vehicle ceramic coating, we produce secure products.

No aroma is present in products used to treat automobiles with System X ceramic coatings. You don’t have to put up with the unpleasant smell associated with typical automotive ceramic coating.

Our System X products dry fast for a less taxing method. The drying process stops for anything from 60 to 40 minutes. The healing process can last anywhere from three to twenty-four hours. The drying procedure takes three days for large vehicles like ships and airplanes.

When it is practical, you are free to use safe vehicles once the curing and drying procedure is finished.

Why Choose System X®

Like no other product, System X® provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance.

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System X Ceramic Coating
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