Color Change & Custom Vinyl Restyle in Chandler, AZ

ProVinyl Solutions is the leading manufacturer of custom vinyl wrap restyles, using top-notch craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Our selection of colors and finishes is wide, so you can choose what you like. ProVinyl Solutions’ bespoke vinyl wraps will make your car stand out on the road and draw attention.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Above the Extraordinary

By using our custom vinyl wrap, you can easily and affordably alter the color of your car. You acquire a car that appears to be brand new after only 5 days! As soon as you’re prepared to remove the wrap, bring it to us. Without trouble or touching the original paint, we’ll do the task.

With over 300 colors and finishes to pick from, everyone may find something that meets their preferences. Positive outcome!

Making Unique Pieces

Are you attempting to come up with a unique design for your car without destroying the paint job that came with it? With the assistance of our talented group of designers and installers, you might aid in giving your car a fresh look.

Custom Vinyl Restyle Design

Our high-end, custom vinyl wrap will help your car stand out from the crowd. We can assist with a refined appearance as well as something bolder and more colorful. Our design staff will work together with you if you already have a design in mind.

Dechrome Wraps

High-end automakers continue to make vehicles with external chrome and silver accents. We have a replacement option if you don’t like chrome trim.

Dechrome wraps, which change the chrome trim on your car, are simple custom vinyl wrapping processes. Any preferred finish, such as matte and gloss black, is yours to select.

Color Change

If you want to make subtle, yet outstanding, changes to the color of your car, our color-changing service is your best bet. At ProVinyl Solutions, you may pick from over 300 colors and finishes. Regardless of whether you want a matte or vivid orange color, we have everything you need.

We Put Pride in Your Ride

There are others that desire to switch their vehicles as well. ProVinyl Solutions wishes to help you achieve your aesthetic automobile goals without putting your investment in danger. With a bespoke vinyl restyle, you can accomplish this task the quickest.

Easily Maintained

Due to its lower care requirements than paint, custom vinyl wraps are a preferred choice among car owners. A vinyl covering is impermeable to contaminants. This will reduce how frequently you need to wash your car. Nevertheless, remember to adhere to our simple maintenance instructions once we install your personalized vinyl restyle.


We offer a durable and cost-effective customised vinyl restyle. These wraps’ tough vinyl can last for up to ten years while being subjected to the elements. In addition, ProVinyl Solutions offers UV-resistant vinyl covers that preserve the brilliance of the pattern or color.

More Personalized Options

Our customized vinyl wrap comes in a wide range of options. ProVinyl Solutions offers several colors, hue-shifting colors, and a range of finishes. There are a lot of more styles available! You might create your ideal design with our assistance!

Lower Prices

Depending on the size, ProVinyl Solutions charges $500 to $4,000 for personalized vinyl wraps. In addition to the cost, there may be additional fees for design assistance. To learn more, please refer to our pricing policies.

Installation Time

It usually just takes a few days to cover your car. Sooner or later, you’ll own your new or updated automobile, and it will be fantastic!

We’ll Take Care of the Details

ProVinyl Solutions produces outstanding vehicle wraps as the top custom vinyl restyler in Chandler, AZ. The greatest designers and installers in Arizona and the entire country are who we proudly hire.

The Difference is Guaranteed

When it comes to resizing bespoke vinyl, we put the pro in ProVinyl Solutions. With immaculate designs and quick installs, we are the market leaders in vehicle wraps. From initial concept to final product, our team is laser-focused. A strong collaboration is established with every new client.

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