Color Change & Custom Vinyl Restyle in Tempe, AZ

With superior workmanship and careful attention to detail, ProVinyl Solutions is the top custom vinyl wrap restyle supplier. You can pick from our assortment of colors and finishes. Your vehicle will be noticed by others and stand out on the road with a custom vinyl wrap from ProVinyl Solutions.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Above the Extraordinary

You may quickly and affordably change your car’s color by using our bespoke vinyl wrap. In only five days, you receive a car that looks brand new! You can bring the wrap to us when you’re ready to take it off. The original paint won’t be harmed in the process, and it will be done easily.

Each person can discover something that suits their interests because we offer more than 300 hues and finishes. It benefits both parties in a positive way!


Making Unique Pieces

Do you want to customize your car with a distinctive style that won’t harm the paint job that came with it originally? You can get your car’s new style with the help of our elite team of designers and installers.


Personalized Vinyl Restyle Design

You can distinguish your vehicle from the competition with our premium custom vinyl wrap. No matter if you want a classy look or something bolder and more vibrant, we can help. If you have a design in mind, our design team will also collaborate with you.

Dechrome Wraps

Vehicles with external chrome and silver embellishments are still being made by high-end automakers. We have an alternative for you if you dislike chrome trim.


You can alter the chrome trim on your car using easy custom vinyl wrap methods dubbed “dechrome wraps.” Any desired finish is available, including gloss and matte black.


Color Change

Our color-changing service is the best option if you want a subtle yet impressive way to improve your car’s appearance. More than 300 different colors and treatments are available from ProVinyl Solutions. We have everything you’re looking for, whether you desire a matte finish or a bright orange color.

We Make Your Ride Prideful

Everyone wants to change their automobile, including you. In order to protect your investment, ProVinyl Solutions wants to assist you in realizing your automotive aesthetic goals. The best approach for this is a custom vinyl restyle.

Easily Maintained

Custom vinyl wrap is a popular option for auto owners since it requires less maintenance than paint. Impurities can’t embed themselves in a vinyl wrap, therefore that’s a good thing. Because of this, you won’t have to wash your automobile as frequently. After we install your customized vinyl restyle, don’t forget to follow our straightforward care guidelines.


Our personalized vinyl redesign is affordable and durable. These wraps are created with durable vinyl that can withstand abrasion from environmental threats for up to 10 years. Additionally, ProVinyl Solutions provides UV-resistant vinyl covers that maintain the design’s or color’s vibrancy as long as possible.

More Personalized Options

We provide a wide range of alternatives for our bespoke vinyl wrap. Colors that change hue, multicolors, and various finishes are available from ProVinyl Solutions. The possibilities for patterns are endless! You can produce the perfect design of your ideas by collaborating with us!

Cost savings

ProVinyl Solutions provides custom vinyl wraps in the price range of $500 to $4,000, depending on size. There are additional costs possible, however design aid is also included in the cost. Visit our pricing requirements for more information.


Installing Period

It often just takes a few days to cover your car. It will look wonderful, plus you’ll get to enjoy your upgraded and new car sooner!


We’ll Take Care of the Details

The best Tempe custom vinyl restyle company is ProVinyl Solutions, which also does top-notch car wraps. The best designers and installers in Arizona and the entire nation work for us, and we’re proud of them.

The Difference is Guaranteed

ProVinyl Solutions is the professional when it comes to custom vinyl restyle. With our speedy turnaround on top-notch designs and flawless installs, we are the leading experts in vehicle wraps. Our group has a singular focus from initial concept to final result. A fresh, long-lasting partnership with a new client is represented by each one.

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