Car vinyl wraps have become very popular in recent years and it’s no surprise. Car wraps are an ingenious and creative way for car owners to brighten up their vehicles and commercial car wraps are also a way for companies to market their goods and services brilliantly. Commercial vehicle wraps can also cover up any wear and tear that the car exterior might have gone through.

However, vinyl wraps can be expensive and if you don’t put to take care of your car wrap, it won’t take long before you achieve the opposite effect and your car will start to look ugly. Luckily, there are things you can do to maintain your car wrap, and with a little bit of love and responsibility, you can make sure your investment in your car does not go to waste.

Caring For Your Car Wrap

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to maintain and care for your car or van vinyl wraps. Today we will be discussing exactly what it is you need to do to make sure your car wrap continues to look impressive.

You just need to ensure that you’re regular and disciplined with all the things we discuss today.

Wash Regularly, Gently, And Meticulously

Regular washing is a must to ensure your car wrap’s longevity, but you must ensure that each wash is extremely thorough and just as gentle.

Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush and a gentle car shampoo or detergent. Printed vinyl wraps will get damaged if you use a harsh detergent and hard brush, and your car wrap will lose durability, slowly peeling off the car.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals And Abrasives

Anything containing bleach or ammonia should be kept far away from your vehicle wraps. Any harsh chemicals such as solvents, oils, and oil-based cleaners, and other types of cleaners like kitchen, bathroom, and oven cleaners.

Not only do you risk discoloration on your car wrap, but you also might compromise the adhesiveness of the wrap, and, again, your car wrap will start to peel off.

Park In A Shaded Area

You might have heard many car owners with wraps complain about discoloration. More often than not, this is a result of people parking their cars fully exposed to sunlight.

Since UV rays react with the vinyl in a less-than-desirable manner, prolonged sunlight exposure will damage the color of the wrap.

As such, be sure to park in a shaded area as much as possible. Avoid any extreme temperatures as well, since high temperatures of hot and cold can either contract or expand the vinyl, causing even further damage. 

Parking In The Shade Is Just The Beginning

Chances are you’re going to find a shaded area under a tree or some form of object on which birds will perch. If these birds leave you a little smelly gift, be sure to clean the bird droppings immediately.

Similarly, if you find any tree sap to have dropped on your car while parking under a tree, make sure you wash that off immediately as well.

Any such foreign substances should be cleaned and wiped off immediately using a wet cloth and a gentle cleaner. Delaying will result in severe discoloration in the form of spots and the sight is very unappealing, ruining the entire image of your car.

However, if you’re a bit late and find any substance has hardened on the wrap, do not start scraping. Just go to a professional and get it cleaned.

No Pressure Washers

This should be obvious, considering the high pressure, which is sometimes strong enough to scrape spray paint off of concrete, could end up damaging the vinyl.

The type of damage pressure washers can cause is bad enough that you might not even be able to repair the wrap. You’ll end up having to pay for wrapping the entire car again or face the disappointment of having to lose your car wrap completely.

Don’t Be A Maverick 

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind.

If you do find any discoloration or damage to your car wrap, just go to a professional for repairs. An untrained hand will only cause more harm than good.

A professional will know exactly what to do for any issue your car wrap might have, and you have a better chance of salvaging the huge investment you’ve made in your car.

If you’re a brand or corporation with fleet vehicles that are wrapped, then there’s no need to worry. You can hire a fleet graphics company whose job it is to regularly do maintenance and cleaning on van wraps and truck wraps


Is A Drive Through Car Wash Safe For My Car Wrap?

Nope! Car washes will use hard brushes and Industrial strength cleaners and detergents. Chances are your vehicle’s vinyl wraps will look like vinyl confetti mobiles by the time the car wash is done.

How Often Should I Wash My Car Wrap?

Once a week is more than enough. Be sure to use a soft-bristled brush and a gentle car cleaner and detergent.

How Do I Remove Bird Droppings And Tree Sap?

Use warm soapy water (made with a gentle car detergent) and soak the area for a few minutes until the droppings or sap are loosened. Then rinse completely and dry using a microfiber cloth.

Should I Consider Vehicle Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a brilliant option to prolong the life of your vinyl wrap and car exterior overall. It can be pricey though, with a single-car ceramic coating costing upwards of $800.

Keeping Your Car Wrap Looking New With Pro Vinyl Solutions!

With a little bit of care and discipline, it’s not too difficult to maintain your car wrap and have it look shiny and new.

This much effort is the least that could be expected, especially considering that car wraps are an expensive investment, sometimes costing thousands of dollars. If you’re spending that much money on your car, then it’s only right that you should put time and effort into caring for it.

However, even if after all that care you still encounter some form of damage or discoloration, just don’t try to fix it yourself. Professionals are equipped to deal with these problems much more appropriately and if you’re in Tempe, AZ, and require professional vinyl wrap services, there is no one better at it than Pro Vinyl Solutions.

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